Albert Dyrlund: Danish YouTuber Dies At 22 (Story)


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On July 28, 2021, Albert Dyrlund, a popular Danish YouTuber and Instagram influencer, died on the Italian Alps while filming a video.

He was 22 years old.

Dyrlund fell 656 feet off Mount Seceda in Val Gardena while filming a video for his YouTube channel.

The channel has over 170,000 subscribers and contained 228 videos.

Dyrlund had over 238,000 Instagram followers also.

His most recent post was on July 7.

In addition, Dyrlund dabbled in singing and acting.

His song titles included “Emoji” and “Waffles”.

Dyrlund’s 2018 movie “Team Albert” won the 2019 Danish Blockbuster Audience Award.


His Family And Fans Mourn


Dyrlund’s mother Vibe Jørger Jensen confirmed her son’s death to Danish news outlet TV2.

In addition to asking for privacy for the family, she said:

“We are in great grief, but I would like his fans to know.”

Fans also flooded social media sharing their grief.

Another Danish YouTuber Rasmus Brohave shared his feelings and a touching photo on Twitter.

“I’m completely out of it. I am ready to cry and empty of words. I can not understand it. I will forever remember all our memories… Thanks for this time, my friend. Rest in peace.”

Another person with the Twitter handle Wolfinden may have said it best.

“We’ve lost a big Danish YouTuber Albert Dyrlund, 22 yrs. He died while filming a YouTube video on a cliff in Italy. May he rest in peace. And please be careful when making risky videos. It’s not worth it.”


An Alarming Trend


Others suffered similar fates recently.

On July 20, Chinese influencer, crane operator, and mother of two, Xiao Qiumei slipped and fell to her death while filming content for her site.

The 22-year-old Qiumei was filming a video for the Chinese version of TikTok known as Douyin.

Known as Xiaoqiumei on Douyin, she had over 100,000 followers.

She reportedly slipped on a step while filming inside the cabin of a crane.

Earlier in July, Hong Kong influencer Sofia Cheung, 32, fell 16 feet to her death while taking pictures on the edge of a waterfall at a famous sunset location called Pineapple Mountain.

Cheung was known for uploading footage of herself hanging from high ledges.

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